well well well ! i was amazed by how cleon did my job, in fact they gave me everything i wanted about the job they followed my instructions, my corrections and they were ready to even offer further help really the guy in charge is a genius in fact he was flexible and was readily available to reply to my PMBs before the close of the day. even after the job he sent a message to me that what else would i love him to do about the job. quite amazing . i am preparing another job for him nice job cleon  - Sam Darwin from escortiva.com

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Cleon Technologies

Cleon Technologies is a professional software development company, founded by a seasoned team of professional software developers and software development managers with a vision of “Turning ideas into reality”. Cleon is structured into 3 core focus areas, Software Development, Consultancy, and Database Applications. We personify High Quality, Cost Effective and On Time Solutions. Our expertise lies in understanding customer requirements & development on time.
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Software Development

Cleon offers a variety of high quality software services through a combination of offshore and on-site delivery models. This ensures complete optimization of associated project execution time and costs.


The strength of a software development company is determined by the quality of people comprising it and an effective human resource management of the organization. Hiring and retaining outstanding people is the key to any software company's success. At Cleon we offer high quality resources as consultants in various technology areas like PHP, .NET, Databases that matches customer requirements.

Database Applications

Databases with hundreds of tables and thousands of columns are not uncommon, which makes developing software that interfaces with these databases very challenging. Cleon has expertise in development and managing Database applications as well as warehouse applications.